Disrupting the Norm

Disrupting the Norm

Disrupting the NormDisrupting the NormDisrupting the Norm

About Us

We help associations be more successful by taking an aggressive and simple approach to association management consulting. Whether you have or want to create chapters, affiliates, special interest groups, we can help provide direct management support or train your association staff, volunteers and members.


Volunteer management

membership recruit, retain, measure, relationships

Recruit, Engage, Retain and Measure 

Volunteer Acknowledgement and Engagement Consulting

Fiduciary Responsibilities

Cultivate Relationships

Strategic Guidance

strategy leadership training, guidance, membership

Leadership Training

Strategic Planning

Bylaw Guidance

New Member Activities

New Member Benefits Consulting



Database Management

Component Website Maintenance

Membership Acquisition/Retention Consulting

Meeting Management

Member/Volunteer Portal Development


disrupt [ dis-ruhpt ]


Business. to radically change (an industry, business strategy, etc.), as by introducing a new product or service that creates a new market: It’s time to disrupt your old business model.

Chief Strategist

Volunteer Management, Consultant, resource management, maximize returns

Patrick Algyer, CVA Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for volunteer management and management consulting, as well as for creating impactful programming for members, I have a verifiable history of contributing directly to company growth and expansion throughout my career. As such, I have consistently exceeded growth and performance goals and I am adept at achieving maximum operational output with minimal resource expenditure. Professional focal points include programming, mentoring, event planning, management, process improvement, operations, marketing and speaking. Delivering superior administration on the latter areas of expertise requires utilization of effective communication and organizational skills, as well as business acumen and resource management to support efficiency and maximum returns. 

Mission statement

Association Management Company, volunteer management

Encore Engagement Solutions LLC strives to provide exceptional association consulting services to non-profit organizations and associations by disrupting the norm through creatively and passionately changing how volunteer management is conceptualized, actualized, and organized.


American Society of Clinical Oncology


Council on Undergraduate Research

Indiana Refreshment Providers Association

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